Get Creative with ways to break up meetings and make them memorable


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A disruption during a meeting used to nave a negative connotation. Of course, business meetings also used to consist of simply a speaker on a stage addressing people in business attire while they sat in rows and rows of folding chairs.

Nowadays, business moguls and meeting planners alike are seeking out disruptions, believing that they spark innovation. At a time where attentions spans are diminishing and employees may need to be forced out of the corporate status quo, disruptions have become a good thing.

It may seem out of sync, but more and more event organizers are planning disruptions—to sustain interest and attention, or just to surprise people and keep them on their toes. Here are 10 ideas for interrupting the action to achieve overall event success.

1. Change venues.
If the meeting facility has multiple rooms that fit your group, change up the place where meetings are held throughout the day. It’s a way to keep attendees alert and creates new environments that could lead to creative innovation.

2. Change the seating arrangement.
Okay, so you only have one or two rooms booked—and maybe the rest of the property is full with other meeting groups. Try scheduling longer coffee breaks, and reconfigure the seating arrangement while attendees are out of the room. Turn the seats around and move the stage (if you’re using one). Or, move all the seats a quarter turn each time.

3. Chair yoga.
If your general session topic is a little dry, give people a break by directing a few minutes of chair yoga. Attendees can do different poses and stretches right in their seats. It can relax the body and free the mind.

4. Chair meditation.
Instead of yoga, give your assemblage a five-minute break to meditate. Run a guided meditation and give  people the option to close their eyes, or just concentrate on breathing for a spell.

5. Let the music play.
Get people pumped with some cool jams. Don’t overlook the power of great tunes—which can be played at the beginning or end of a session, or can be used as a musical break at specified times during a general session.

6. Throw-back Thursdays.
TBT is, of course, a social media fad where people post old photos, but TBT doesn’t have to be a Thursday, or be limited to Facebook. Go through company archives and create photo montages that will make people smile and point at times gone by.

7. Animal power.
Are you meeting in a location that’s near a zoo or animal attraction? Work with local experts to bring in small animals for attendees to pet and ooh and aah over. Or partner with a local rescue groups to bring in puppies or kittens for a feel-good snuggle break.

8. Work with a plant.
As in, set up a person in the audience to seemingly break up a speech with a pre-planned question or scenario. It can be a joke, or a humorous distraction that either breaks up the meeting completely or fits into the theme of the presentation.

9. Call for a sidebar.
Similar to a courtroom scenario, stop the meeting flow and let people gather in groups. Encourage them to discuss the content and come up with questions that have not been answered.

10. Be unconventional.
Hold a meeting in an unlikely place. It doesn’t matter if it’s a water park, an arcade, a gym, or a zoo. The best planners will use the lay of the land to motivate and inspire attendees.


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