4 Key Questions Event Planners Should Ask

An event planner’s greatest asset for a memorable meeting is the right venue. Finding the perfect site is easier said than done, however, because every meeting, convention or conference is different and all will have discrete goals.

Whether you’re planning a large conference that rotates geographically on an annual basis, a smaller meeting aimed at a corporate task, or a nonprofit looking to motivate and inspire the membership, picking a memorable meeting place is paramount.

The days of settling for a room with four walls are gone. With attention spans decreasing and attendees looking for “wow factor,” here are four key questions a planner should consider when picking the perfect venue for a memorable meeting.


Does the venue have flexible space that suits your event?
Planners form a vision of what the architecture of their meetings will look like. And that revolves around the agenda and goals for the event.

Will you require formal meeting facilities or a classroom-style setting? Will the focus be on activities and events? Is there a need for a banquet room with audio-visual equipment?

A site visit can show you what the property or venue has to offer—but it takes communication and, yes, vision, to look beyond the ways the walls are configured and imagine how rooms and spaces can be reimagined.


Is the site inspirational?
Creating a memorable meeting requires putting puzzle pieces together. The ideal venue may exist in a city that’s all wrong for your group; and conversely, the perfect city may not be home to an inspirational property.

The best location for your meeting is one that can deliver the facilities, service and extras that meet your needs as well as those of the company culture.

A well-built program with super speakers and educational seminars can fall flat if the venue is in noticeable disrepair, meal services are subpar, or the geography of the location doesn’t dovetail with the meeting’s message.


Is it a suitable place for spouses or family to also attend?
A lot of attendees choose to bring spouses/significant others and families along to combine a vacation with business travel. It’s important to take care of the needs of attendees’ guests, too.

Being family-friendly is a balance. You want to get people to come to your meetings—and stay there—to soak up the agenda. But having activities and attractions that will encourage attendance in the first place is also part of the mix.

Yes, Las Vegas casino-hotels can be a big draw for attendees and guests. But are casinos ideal for young children? A great location has something for all ages and stages, with amenities and entertainment that every member of the family can enjoy.


Are the dining and meal function options covered?
People’s tastes and dietary preferences are always changing—and diners always want the next great meal.

When it comes to scheduled dinners and lunches for all attendees for meetings large and small, look for venues that have full catering service, are good at keeping up with trends and offer variety.

In addition to catering options, make sure you look at the onsite or nearby restaurants. There should be a premium restaurant experience available for VIP events, as well as great, fast-casual eateries for less formal meals.


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