Most professionals attend two to three conventions a year in a variety of locations throughout the United States and the world. These events usually last three to four days and when you add on travel time, attendees may be gone from their families for a week or longer at a time.

This can mean each participant must find someone to take care of the kids or ask his or her spouse to do double duty. On top of the ask, that same person may miss telling their kids bedtime stories, attending their soccer games or being present for milestone events in their children’s lives.

There is a solution…bring the family along! This blog post will explore a checklist of things to look for from a venue and the benefits of family friendly events.



  1. Survey attendees and see how many would like to bring their families.
    This will help narrow down the venue based on the responses. Be sure to ask ages and interests of the children so you tailor experiences to wow them.
  2. Choose a family-friendly destination.
    Now that you know the total number of spouses, significant others and children who will be attending your event, you can determine the best location to serve them.  At Kalahari, we combine our state of the art convention space with family friendly resort amenities that offer something for everyone like America’s Largest Indoor waterparks, entertainment centers, catering and multiple restaurant choices and spa services.We have new offerings, too. Our Ohio location has the B-lux Grill & Bar and Float Experience for adults and Bugs Burrow for children. Our Pennsylvania location now has a Bike Barn and Gorilla Express for everyone. The Wisconsin property recently added a Halotherapy Room as part of our spa services.
  3. Select a destination with the right mix of guest room options.
    Find a venue that can accommodate small to large families, all within one suite or villa. At Kalahari, we offer one to ten-bedroom suite styles to meet a variety of needs. You’ll want plenty of rooms with two beds and lots of suite options for larger families.
  4. Create a kid’s camp.
    There are all types – tech, soccer, rope climbing camps – just to name a few. Kids can feel they are learning, just like the attendees. You can also sync the times, so everyone starts and ends their sessions together.Kalahari offers an Adventurers Club that hosts a variety of daily scheduled activities that the children attending your conference may enjoy.
  5. Allow the family to attend one-of-a-kind social events.
    Host a bowling tournament or an exclusive after-hours waterpark event. You can also move your hospitality suite outside to the cabanas and bungalows and/or sponsor mermaid or surfing lessons. All of these options are readily available at our resorts.


Three Key Benefits

  1. Welcoming Families Increases Attendance.
    When your conference or meeting changes from something an employee “has” to attend to a fun event the whole family “gets” to attend, you’ve changed the whole dynamic of your meeting. Family-friendly events are proven to increase attendance by an average of 20%.
  2. Families can pair a family vacation with the event.
    If your association members or employees were planning to go to the meeting destination anyway for a family vacation, this is an easy sell for everyone involved. The meeting participant can truly find a balance between “me time” and “we time.”
  3. Attendees can get to know each other on a different level.
    Team bonding happens when attendees see a different side of their colleagues – outside of the workplace, having fun. Employees and association members may find their children go to the same school or their spouses have similar interests and forge new friendships.

Kalahari Resorts and Conventions is Here to Help

What do you need to orchestrate this type of event? We can put together the best conference for your attendees and their families. Our creative team of group sales professionals will customize a package to meet your specific needs.