Whether it’s the Golden Globe, Grammy, Tony or Academy awards, all presentation programs work hard to make attendees feel special. We love to check out who’s wearing what, which celebrities stroll onto the red carpet and what they say in media interviews. These events attract millions, if not billions, of viewers every year.

Here’s the best of the best ideas you can use for your next conference or convention from the time attendees roll in until the event departure to make them feel Oscarworthy.


Ten Great Award Season Ideas:

  1. Ask attendees to get glam.
    Have them wear a suit, black tie or formal wear. If appropriate, invite their significant other to attend with them. When meeting participants dress up, they feel like a VIP, which ultimately brings a positive energy to the event.
  2. Use a lot of signage.
    If attendees are coming to the function in the dark and for the first time, invest in highly visible signage that lights up or has reflective tape on it. Make use of the venue’s billboard and other directional signage they may have available.
  3. Make the entrance special.
    Whether you roll out the red carpet, use a color wash or an LED tunnel, attendees will know they have arrived at your event from several feet away.
  4. Offer complimentary valet or shuttle service.
    As attendees drive up to your event, provide enough attendants to help each one out of their cars. During times of inclement weather, provide umbrellas and have these attendants walk each guest to the door. If valet service is unavailable, offer to pick up guests at the hotel and shuttle them to the entrance.
  5. Create a welcoming committee.
    As soon as your guests pull up, provide greeters to make them feel special. Have photographers in place to snap pics. Mimic celebrity interviewers by asking each attendee a series of questions – captured by videographers. Post the photos and livestream video into the ballroom for other guests to see.
  6. Go all out with the dinner.
    Serve salad, plated entree and dessert to each guest. Consider offering champagne at the table. Provide a signature cocktail. If you have an event theme, tie the food and beverages to it.
  7. Make the centerpiece special.
    At the Golden Globes this year, each table was set with a gold container filled with freshly cut roses. Creative centerpieces include lighting, shells or plants. If you have a theme, a centerpiece can be the item that ties everything together.
  8. Hire enough bartenders, stewards and servers.
    If you want to annoy your guests, make them wait several minutes for a drink or let their plates remain uncleared well after dinner is over. Work with the catering manager to ensure there’s enough staff available to readily take care of every guest’s needs.
  9. Give out swag.
    The average goody bag for the Oscars approaches a $30,000 value. While I’m not suggesting yours should be that valuable, it’s important to give something memorable and valuable to your guests on their way out.
  10. Learn from your mistakes.
    Within a day or two after the event concludes, send an online survey and ask attendees for their honest feedback. Ask what they liked and where improvements can be made. Once the feedback is consolidated, work with your manager on prioritizing what will change for the next event. One more thing: Be sure to share your plans with everyone who gave you the feedback.


Kalahari Resorts and Conventions Can Make Your Event Award Worthy

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