Whether you use PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote or some other presentation platform, it’s important to follow guidelines that will reinforce your message and connect with audience members.

Below are 10 tips and tricks to keep your presentation clean, clear and, most important, effective — ultimately driving attendees toward the action you want them to complete.


Planning Your Presentation

1. Start with the end in mind: Clearly define your message in one sentence.
Writing out what you want to accomplish by the end of the presentation will provide you with a check and balance to ensure this happens.

2. Define presentation goals.
Have one to three objectives and make these goals part of your agenda.

3. Outline the beginning, middle and end.
Ideally, you should have no more than 10 slides in your presentation. The first one should encompass your agenda and the last one should specify the call to action. That leaves eight slides to reinforce your message. Provide only one thought per slide.

4. Write out the headline of each slide on separate Post-it notes.
Create a storyboard on the wall where you can move the Post-it notes around and add or delete notes.

5. Spend time on the title of your presentation.
Remember, in a convention or large meeting environment, you’re competing with other speakers. Choose a title that will grab the attention of attendees by using powerful adjectives such as: best, epic, free, horrific, killer and mind-blowing.

Designing Your Presentation

6. Use large, sans serif fonts.

Good ones include: Arial, Calbri, Cambria and Times New Roman. The body of each slide should be at least a 30-point font type, with the title at least 44 points. You can use one font for the headline and another for the body, but be consistent with each type throughout the presentation.

7. Select images that match the message.
Use images to reinforce your text and do not distract from it. Ensure against copyright infringement by using photos from places like: Unsplash.com, Thinkstock and Stocksy. If you have professional photos that have been taken especially for your presentation, those are even better because they are tailored specifically to it.

Polishing Up Your Presentation

8. Run the whole presentation by two to three individuals.
Ideally, present or email the slide deck to individuals who do not know the subject matter and are good wordsmiths. It could be most embarrassing if you forgot or misspelled words; have fresh eyes look everything over for grammatical mistakes and clarity of message.

9. Practice, practice, practice.
Rehearse your presentation several times before giving it and make tweaks to the slides, if needed. Practicing will give you more confidence the day of your talk.

10. Finish on a positive, actionable note.
Make sure the last thing you say is upbeat and drives attendees to the action you want, whether you are a sales manager training salespeople on a new line of products or a CEO trying to drive productivity initiatives in the workplace.


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