I remember as a kid watching a TV show called The Jetsons. It was stocked with technological gadgets including a moody robot maid, cellphones and flying cars. While that last item is not with us yet (but driverless cars are around the corner), technology is definitively part of our lives and will continue to rule more and more as time marches on.

So why should you settle for meeting rooms that look like they did in the 1950s? Shouldn’t your meeting spaces adapt with the times? Of course the answer is yes!

In our mobile and cloud-based world, here are some technology choices you should consider when selecting and setting up the space for your next meeting, conference or convention.


Your Technology Checklist

Does the room have collaboration tools?

Does it have a smart display that can pull in video, documents and presentations?
Or a wall-mounted smartboard that can capture and translate notes?

Team collaboration with technology is a transformative experience because all ideas are recorded and collected for further analysis and review. You don’t have to guess about who said what or when the next meeting is; it will all be there in one shared folder on the cloud.

Does it have videoconference capabilities?

If collaboration isn’t required, having the ability to videoconference with remote attendees or a subject matter expert can help move a meeting along toward its objectives. Make sure the screen is large enough and the bandwidth wide enough to support the video feed. You want quality visibility and elimination of buffering or lagged audio at both ends.

Popular videoconferencing options may include: RealPresence, Skype for Business or Google Hangouts.

What about bandwidth for second screens?

Rather than asking people to silence their cellphones or put away their tablets, encourage them to view the presenter, see the slides, post to social and take notes right from their little screen. The thing to be prepared for is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) — where attendees will bring their own tablet and smartphone — and having adequate bandwidth to livestream video while attendees are also posting on social and taking notes.

Are different LCD projectors available?

LCD projectors used to come in just a few varieties with very limited functionality, but this is no longer the case. The lumens allow for everything from dark rooms to bright, outdoor projections. In addition, some of the newer projectors have speakers and wireless connections built into them, thus negating the need for outside speakers and cables.

Is Wi-Fi everywhere?

After the meeting is over and attendees are relaxing in the conference hallway, they may wish to upload important information to the cloud. It’s important that Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the entire meeting facility.

Is the meeting room equipped with charging stations or easy-to-access outlets?

With the right technology, you’re free to set up the meeting room any way you desire. One popular option is a series of large round tables with chairs that allow everyone at the table to see and interact with each other.

In order to keep everyone at the table (so to speak), you need to ensure that their devices can be recharged as needed. This can be accomplished through a room with a charging station or by ensuring they can “plug in” when their mobile devices reach a low battery status.


Kalahari Delivers a Great Meeting Experience

Our goal is to deliver our clients a consistent, high-quality meeting experience. We have full-time staff to assist you with your technology needs and will help bring all of it together for a very successful meeting or convention.

At Kalahari Resorts and Conventions, we’re committed to great audiovisual quality and investment in the right collaboration tools for your meeting. For more information about Kalahari, call one of our experienced group sales representatives at 877.411.4605.