Seating, Space, Sun & Tables

Forget about traditional room setups such as theater, classroom or u-shape designs with plain brown tables, white walls and stiff chairs. They’re out of style and scream lecture format, with little to no interaction among attendees.

Instead, consider yourself a combination of interior designer and meeting planner with a desired outcome of inspiring your attendees to generate new ideas that will make their worklife better.

Here are 10 ideas you can ask your venue’s group sales professional about when planning your next meeting or convention.


  1. Make seating comfortable.
    From beanbags to stuffed, oversized chairs and anything in between, it’s very important that attendees feel the chairs are suited for them and will allow them to relax.
  2. Be colorful.
    The same style of seating with the same color, over a sea of hundreds of chairs, screams boring. Use a color palette mix of red, blue, yellow and orange to brighten up the room.colorfulmeeting


  3. Create a collaborative environment.
    Once your meeting space is planned, ask yourself this: Can my attendees collaborate easily within the confines of this environment? If the answer is no, work on rearranging tables, chairs and audiovisual equipment. Social Tables has an app that can allow you to see and plan the optimal design, all without ever lifting a chair or moving a table.Most important, make sure attendees can easily move around in an environment that is neither too big nor too small, but just right for the group setting.
  4. Walls can work wonders.
    No doubt about it, color plays a role in creativity, with yellow and blue walls considered to be calming colors. Remember: Plain, boring walls equal plain, boring meetings.
    MagScapes is one way to temporarily transpose a meeting room. This company provides a variety of magnetic wallpaper options that can offer color and also be used as a meeting’s idea board. IdeaPaint takes dry erase to a new level, transforming office walls into interactive surfaces. Their erasable paint accelerates innovation by getting people on their feet and working together in ways never before possible.ideapaint
  5. Provide colorful food and beverages in the room.
    Fruits and vegetables lend themselves naturally to a colorful palette with the added bonus that they are healthy options. Serving smoothies, lemonade and a variety of juices can also make your food and beverage station look very appealing.
  6. The room has to be clean and clutter-free.
    A dirty room that has loose electrical or sound cords inspires no one. The space needs to look chic and current.


    Lighting is vital. It increases creativity and meeting quality, improving the overall morale of the group.

  7. Use natural lighting.
    Open up the blinds and screens. Let the sun shine in and encourage attendees to get up and look out the window from time to time for inspiration.
  8. However, if natural lighting is not available, use the right lighting.
    LED and other lighting options can really make a windowless room come alive. Work with your venue’s lighting specialist to create the right mood for your meeting.uniquelighting


  9. Add color.
    Even if your table is brown or black, add colorful pencils and pens, candy, Post-it notes and coasters.addcolor
  10. Round tables work best.
    Just like with King Arthur’s court, a round table creates an environment of equality.

Kalahari Resorts and Conventions

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