teambuilding oneWhether you’re coming from a profit or nonprofit organization, or a salaried or volunteer position, working as a team toward common goals is the thread that binds you and your team together.

However, many teams have “bumps in the road” due to mergers, changes in management or demands of the workforce. People come together who don’t know each other well and are expected to adapt to change as quickly as their organization has unfolded it to them. Unfortunately, sometimes the bumps in the road become craters — making the road impassable — effectively forcing team members to leave; either on their own accord or by being forced out because they don’t fit into the new cultural setting.

This doesn’t have to be the case. It’s estimated by most HR professionals that the cost of recruiting, hiring and training a new professional employee is around $80,000. Therefore, it’s well worth it to try to keep the existing team together and smooth out any differences they may have.

How do you do so? A team-building day with a trained facilitator is a great approach. But before you launch into the planning of such an event, figure out the who, what, where, when and why aspect.

The “5 W’s” of Creating a Great Team-Building Event

Who Should Come?

Every team is different, but the overarching answer is: anyone who helps accomplish the team’s goals. It will include, at a minimum, your department co-workers and your boss. It may or may not include your clients, administrative support, volunteers, co-workers from other departments and suppliers.

The key is to identify those individuals who are paramount to achieving your goals.

What Should Your Team-Building Day Look Like?

Although it’s important to have fun, it’s vital to recognize that the reason you’re there is to learn how to work more effectively as a team.

The day should be a half- or full-day session run by a trained facilitator who’ll institute a series of activities meant to improve team communications. It’s important that the facilitator customizes your day to your objectives so, at the end of the session, your leadership can feel the team opened up about their challenges and brainstormed solutions that are possible.

Where Should It Be Held?

An off-site location is optimal for two reasons: 1) Minimum distractions are possible because people can’t run off to a meeting or take a conference call and 2) If the venue is family-friendly, team members can extend this event into a staycation with their own spouse and/or children.

When Should You Hold One?

If possible, hold the event on a Thursday or Friday, far enough from the office to eliminate distractions but close enough so co-workers and their families can easily travel to it.

Be sure to hold the event when 100% of your team can be there.

Why Team-Build?

Effective team-building activities help get all challenges out in the open and help build team trust. Through a series of goal-oriented activities, you’ll know more about each other’s strengths and be able to effectively build on those strengths.

Kalahari Resorts and Conventions

Strengthen your team and have fun in the process! Kalahari’s team-building events are conducted by skilled trainers and facilitators who’ve been certified by Action Centered Training LLC. Our moderators have a wide range of abilities from traditional training to the most current “out of the box” challenging programs. Contact one of our group sales professionals at 855.411.4605 to schedule your team-building activity today!