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According to a recent etouches poll of 239 planners worldwide, 42 percent view technology as a pain point … even in 2018. Today’s blog post will reflect on the survey findings, as well as information gathered from Skift on this topic. My own observations are also included.

The Top Five Problem Areas and What to Do About Them

Microphones Deliver a Lot of Feedback and Echo.
The solution to this problem is:

1) Make sure you’re using the right mic type for the sound system.
2) Test the sound system with all presenters at least two hours before the program starts. 3) Put an AV technician on call.

Usually this hitch is a result of using the wrong equipment that’s hurriedly installed without proper testing. Using an on-site, in-house provider can eliminate this problem from forming from the onset.


Wi-Fi Is Slow and Sketchy.
Many event directors assume Wi-Fi is everywhere and will be fast, secure and free. Then they’re frustrated when it’s available in the meeting rooms but not the hallways. Or in the guest rooms but not outside.

Please do not assume anything. Ask a lot of questions regarding Wi-Fi and work directly with the IT staff at the convention center. Do your own speed test and let the technicians know what traffic patterns they’re most likely to encounter. Request a dedicated server and ask about a VPN to maximize your security interests.


Registration System, On-Site Check-in and Mobile App Do Not Work Together.
Organizers complain about a “cradle to grave” system. While the demand is high to have these types of applications, there are a limited number of vendors that can provide such offerings at this time. Here are three: etouches, Bizzabo and Cvent.

Ask to see a demonstration, talk to a sales representative and check out the references. Make sure the solution you choose is absolutely right for your conference.


Off-the-Shelf Apps Cannot Be Easily Customized.
While most planners agree they don’t have the time or money to hire talent to write a custom app, they expect a standard app can be easily customized to their environment. In most cases, this isn’t a true statement.

I recommend that you conduct an extensive review of several standard apps. Upon completion of each, create a list of their deficiencies. Determine the investment fee to fix all, the top five or the top three. Based on your budget, decide if that’s enough customization to support your needs. Be sure to include training and on-site support in that figure, as you will probably need it.


There Isn’t Enough Collaboration About Logistics.
It’s estimated that a meeting manager interacts with 10 to 100 suppliers for each event, depending on its size, length and breadth. In most cases, each supplier touches one to three other suppliers. Yet, miscommunication or no communication happens every day.

There are many collaboration tools available today; some are free while others are fee-based. SharePoint, within the Office 365 suite, is one of the common ones. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox offer free collaborative tools. Social Tables offers room setup software that can be changed at a moment’s notice.

Because all these tools are cloud-based, they can be accessed from any device anywhere there is Wi-Fi. Use them during and after the meeting, as well, to work through challenges collectively and record feedback for future use.

The Staff at Kalahari Resorts and Conventions Can Calm Your Technology Fears

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