Nine Killer Tips to Note

With thousands of trade shows taking place every year, exhibitors like you have a plethora of opportunities to show off your products and services to a new lot of prospects. And while time in front of thousands of attendees may sound really attractive, there are certain things you need to do before writing that big check or booking those airline flights.

Here are nine tips to ensure you make the most of your next show experience before, during and after the event.


Before the Show

1. Plan Ahead: Six to 36 Months

Hold a meeting with the individuals who approve and attend the trade shows. Look at all the trade shows you can be a part of for the next three years, and ask the following questions for each:

  • How much will it cost to exhibit?
  • What is the total cost, including travel, hotel accommodations, meals, shipping of item(s), etc.?
  • Is our target audience attending this event?

Once you determine the shows that fit the budget levels and attendee audience, schedule them and revisit your choices every six months.

2. Pack Right and Light

Trade shows can often require long days and a lot of lifting of endless boxes filled with marketing collateral and swag.

First and foremost, concentrate on the comfort of the booth staff. Ask them to wear clothing and shoes that allow for mobility and still look great during long periods of standing. Provide them with protein bars, bagged nuts, apples and bottled water in the booth.

Also consider digitizing your content and only providing business cards to attendees to significantly lighten up your load.

At the Show

3. Divide & Conquer at the Show

There are several opportunities at events to network and learn via educational sessions. However, if your team is attending these sessions, make the most of your time and divide and conquer to make the most of the opportunity. This is your team’s chance to double or triple the number of contacts your company has over the course of the next few days, and you can’t do that when you’re sitting with and talking to your team during those sessions.

4. Seek Out Specific People

Before the show, find out who you want to meet with. Ask your show manager and event coordinator to point them out and, if possible, make the introduction. Have your list handy and make sure you speak to the top 25 individuals you want to reach.

5. Be Present

Don’t spend valuable trade show time reading a book, texting, returning phone calls or mingling with other exhibitors. This is your time to be present at every moment and focus in on the attendee. You can only make meaningful connections when you’re fully attentive.

6. Take Note of Unique Ideas

During breaks or slow times, go around the trade show floor and see where attendees are gathered. What’s interesting in that booth? Who’s there? What products or technology are they showing off? Why are people buzzing about it? Learn from others in order to improve your own exhibit space.

7. Create a Welcoming Booth

Rather than the standard booth configuration, create more of a living room environment with a mobile recharging station that allows attendees to chat with you in a comfortable setting for 10 minutes while their device is juicing up.


After the Show

8. Meet With Clients and Partners

Wherever your trade show takes you, try to spend a full day after the show visiting with clients, suppliers or partners in that geographical area. The one-on-one face time can help enhance your relationship, especially if most of your dealings are handled over the phone or via email.

9. Follow Up on All Your Leads

Research states that 75 percent of all trade show leads are never followed up on, so if that’s true, you can make a great impression with a potential client by following up! Before you leave the trade show floor or immediately following, load all your leads into your CRM system and engage in conversation within three business days.

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