healthymeetings mainToday, having healthy employees is a top priority at most organizations, so it should be no surprise to learn that this mindset extends to meetings and events, as well.

A typical conference can involve a lot of sitting and eating sugary and decadent food and beverages, which can lead attendees to straying from their daily routine. To assist with this, the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity has devised a Healthy Meeting toolkit. These small shifts can greatly increase the health of a meeting in a variety of areas.

Foodeating healthy food

  • Continue to incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables that are locally grown.
    Not only are they nutritious, but a variety of color at a food station can be very inviting to attendees. Locally grown items show sustainability initiatives and introduce attendees to regional cuisine.
  • Replace 50 percent of white bread or rolls with whole-grain products.
  • Serve high-protein foods that include: eggs, nuts, beans and tofu.
    High-protein items have more staying power with attendees.
  • Eliminate or serve smaller dessert portions.
    Consider serving fruit for dessert and/or offering bite-sized serving portions.
  • If you have a buffet, place the healthier foods at the beginning of the food line.
  • On a buffet or food station, post the calories, fat and fiber grams under each selection. An educated attendee will most likely go for the healthier options.
  • Use salad plates for everything.
    Research shows that individuals who eat from smaller plates will consume about 40 percent less food compared with those with larger plates.
  • Do not place candy or chocolate bowls on the meeting tables

Physical Activityhealthyactivity

  • When conference participants check in, have the destination provide walking or running maps to them.
  • Let attendees know about the fitness center hours of operation, what equipment is in it and the capacity level.
  • Rather than hosting a happy hour, hold an activity hour about 30 minutes after the meeting ends. Work with the venue’s group sales staff to come up with creative ideas that can involve all attendees — regardless of their fitness levels.

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