More and more we’re seeing, including a few of our own, themed parties taking hold of corporate events. Personally, I love it. It’s engaging, memorable, all with the same if not more effective end-result.  Not only do themed corporate events draw the attention away from drinking (depending on the group and the party, I suppose) themed parties empower a multitude of different identities within the attendees.

I’ve searched around; I’ve worked with the best of the best, and even included some moments we’re most proud of. Below is a list of events I hope will enlighten your next themed corporate event. What’s the most unique event you’ve thrown or attended?

James Bond – Your mission, assist in the identification, swift capture and arrest of a notorious villain who’s been lured to your party.

James BondChocolate Fantasy – With this, it’s crucial that everyone likes chocolate. Just kidding, who doesn’t like chocolate? A chocolate fountain is a must, probably several. Entrées encompassing chocolate. Drink selections with chocolate. There really isn’t anything that can’t contain chocolate.
Masquerade Ball – When you want to retain a sense of high society or just hide behind a mask.

masquerade ballHollywood Red Carpet Extravaganza – Everyone is a star, here’s the chance to showcase it.
Casino Night – The stakes are high and the competition is fierce. We just hosted one the other night!

casinoOnly the strong survive and hopefully everyone attending. Perfect for corporations developing new strategies, compliments of CVENT.
Winter Wonderland – Reluctantly mentioning winter right now, but there is that enchanting moment of the first snow fall.

winter-wonderlandWeddings – Here’s an interesting twist on a common (uncommon corporate) event. Use a wedding theme to represent mergers. CVENT provides great insight on this.
Wizard of Oz –From the Oz, to the scarecrow, maybe the tin man, and probably even the witch, there’s a character that best describes everyone attending.

wizard of ozThrowback – Not for just Thursdays anymore. Some of the most fun I’ve had at events was with these themes. Who doesn’t love living out their youth?  Try Mad Men, 80’s Prom Night or the 50’s, the Happy Days.
Fire & Ice – We outdid ourselves for our Andy North and Friends fundraiser raiser this year. We had sizzling food stations to a bar completely made from an ice carving.